How the world turns

Everything can just go along swimmingly and then change on a dime. I’m taking a half-day at work today and a full day off tomorrow. Kids are now on summer vacations and I don’t want to leave the alone. The chance of a big fight is too great, especially with mom out of town and everyone out of sorts. Just before I leave, my boss drops a bombshell. He’s putting in his two weeks. I just moved over to this department in part because we have such a good rapport. Now I’ll be losing that and have no idea who I will be working for. So, the future looks cloudy.

Surprisingly, I didn’t immediately have a panic attack. I just kept telling myself it would be ok, and I could succceed. I know I can, but now I have to figure out if I want to wait around and see what happens, see if I can go back where I came from, or just move on. I had a mini-panic attack just now the bling about all I would be responsible, but I was again able to relax and tell myself it’s going to be ok.

Will I maintain this calm? I have no idea, but I do know that losing it now would not help. At all. So I’m going to try to avoid that if I can.